5 Most Over-The-Top RVs in the World

If you were curious how the other half lives, or you are lucky enough to have the cash in hand to splash out on a truly out of this world luxurious RV, then rest assured there are many truly grand models that come with exorbitant price tags. When the average person thinks of a winnebago they generally think of a stylish and efficient yet overall simple vehicle that goes from point A to point B and offers the opportunity to sleep and eat in the vehicle. But for some RVs you will get the feel of living in a luxurious mansion on wheels. These are the truly over the top RVs that come with massive price tags and need to be seen to be believed. These are the RVs of celebrities and the fabulously rich. Even if you can’t afford them, it is fun to take a look and marvel at these models where the price tags range in the millions. So without further ado let’s take a look at some of the most over the top RVs currently on the market.

Newell Coach

This super luxury motorhome is 45 feet long and made by the Oklahoma RV company Newell Coach who are renowned for their high end coaches. These coaches come with so many amenities and so much room that you could easily and comfortably live in one for the entire rest of your life and not be inconvenienced. The asking price is 1.7 million and the coach is so high end that it won’t be found at any dealerships. It’s direct buyers only for Newell Coach. That’s how luxurious and out of the world this coach truly is. You can’t even get in for a test drive unless you are a very serious buyer with the cash in hand to make the purchase. This is when you know you aren’t dealing with your average RV and are truly in the upper echelon of the road trip vehicle market

The Heat

This is actor Will Smith’s 1,200 square foot mobile him custom made by Anderson Mobile Estates in Florida. The first floor has a full kitchen, custom bathroom, and multiple offices. The second floor comes complete with a business lounge and automated windows. For those with some extra spending money, you can rent The Heat for only 9,000 a week if you wanted to live like Will Smith on set. With this model your 2.3 million dollars will go toward great craftsmanship as everything on the brown and crème themed luxury interior was custom made including the hanging mirrors and metallic wallpaper.

Fairfax Edition

Liberty Coach in Florida is well known for their forward thinking and luxurious RV models, but with the Fairfax they have really taken this concept and run with it. This 2.2 million dollar model is airbrushed to perfection on the exterior and the interior is custom programmed through an iPad including heated flooring, central air, LED lights, and a full entertainment center. This is certainly not your average winnebago.

Marathon Coach

This one is truly a mansion that can be taken on the road, especially if factoring in the designer choice features including a sliding expansion, interior touchscreens and keypads, fireplace, high end leather furniture, and stunning wooden floors. With this model you will feel as if you’re sitting in the midst of your luxurious and fully decked out mansion, with the added bonus that it drives as well. This is definitely not a bare bones operation, and traveling on this coach is nowhere near “roughing it”. Of course you can’t afford it, but it never hurts to take a look and dare to dream online.

Biscayne Vantare

This 2.3 million dollar vehicle may be higher priced that your average RV rental but it does drive as fast as a Ferrari. It also features leather sites, LED lights, and a flashy exterior unlike any other. This is the most expensive luxury motor home in the entire world. Unique looking and super luxurious, the exteriors are white or gold and features glow in the dark paint and retractable steps, not to mention the most unique, eye catching design imaginable.

If you’re one of the few who has the funds to really splash out on a top line winnebago, then by all means check these models out. If you’re just a day dreamer like the rest of us it is still fun to take a look at these ridiculously luxurious models and day dream about what it might be like to travel in such opulence and luxury. It really says a lot about how far the road trip life has come when there are these types of splashy RVs on the market and that they are actually selling. Finally the road trip life has come full circle.

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