6 Drool-Worthy Wedding Cake Flavors To Jazz Up Guest’s Palette

6 Drool-Worthy Wedding Cake Flavors To Jazz Up Guest’s Palette

Cake cutting at Indian weddings is not a very common tradition because this activity is more of western culture. But with India becoming more global day-by-day, many couples are making these western traditions a part of their weddings like cake cutting, arranging for bridal registries, pre-wedding video and photo shoot etc.

A lot of couples face confusion in deciding the flavor of their wedding cake. With n number of flavor options available, getting lost is pretty much an obvious thing. This is where you may need the help of expert wedding cateres in Bangalore. For the wedding season 2018, the experts recommend couples to opt for two wedding cakes (although, it is no compulsion) in which one flavor is the couples favorite and other is a crowd pleaser.

But for that, you need to have an idea about trending cake flavors and combinations. To help you with that, we enlist 6 lip-smacking cake flavors which are a super-duper hit this wedding season.

  1. Cookie & Cream: For the couples who are looking to rediscover their childhood love for cookies and sweet cream, this cake flavor is an unbeatable choice. Traditionally this flavor has chocolate cookies and vanilla cream but you can ask the caterer to customize it as per your preferences.
  2. Lemon & Strawberry: If you like a cake which is a little tangy and sweet in flavor then your search stops right here! Very light and fruity in flavor, lemon and strawberry cake is perfect for summer and daytime wedding festivities.
  3. Red Velvet: Red color is a symbol of love and so is this cake. Red Velvet cake flavor has gained a lot of momentum in the last 2 years due to its distinct sweet flavor with a hint of saltiness. And not to mention, its red color makes this cake looks oh so pretty!
  4. Chocolate: There isn’t a flavor which comes near to chocolate and especially when it is for a couple in love. Chocolate is considered to be an aphrodisiac which enhances the couples desire for each other (yeah we can hear all the ladies go oh la la!). So we do not think that you need a more valid reason to have a wedding cake filled with oodles of dark and bitter-sweet chocolate.
  5. Mix Fruit: Nothing compliments the summer wedding vibes better than a mix-fruit cake. A piece of friendly advice though, ask your baker or the wedding caterer to include only fresh and seasonal fruits in the cake as this will keep it fresh and tasty AF!
  6. Coffee: A bit unusual flavor especially for a wedding, but hey! who’s judging? After all, it’s your wedding and if you are a hardcore coffee lover then go ahead and include this bitter-sweet treat to the cake flavor.

We hope by now you must have found the cake flavor which is suitable for the wedding festivities. Because it is time to book the caterer who will turn your dream cake into reality and for this, you just need to visit Shaadidukaan.com which is India’s favorite online wedding market. Here you will find the best caterers in your city.

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