Can A Mattress Help Sleep Apnea?

Can A Mattress Help Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder which can happen to people of all ages from kids to the elderly. The degree of this condition can also vary from minor to severe, but irrespective of that, the sufferers and the people around them are often frightened when it happens. It is a sleeping disorder which causes pauses in breathing or reduces breathing. This pause in breathing is called an apnea and can last from a few seconds to several minutes. Polysomnogram is the only test that can diagnose this condition. The most common cure for sleep apnea is wearing a device that helps to breathe. There have been some recent studies which show that sleeping on a memory foam mattress can help people with sleep apnea as it adjusts to the shape of the body.
Can a new mattress of a specific type help people with sleep apnea?

Studies show that a mattress made of memory foam is good for people who are suffering from this condition. This type of mattress adjusts to the body contour, alleviate pressure points and enables the air passage to be open so that no obstruction can cause a pause in breathing.

Other features to look for if you are looking to buy a mattress is to look for a softer one that supports the hip. However, careful consideration has to be made on the softness as it should not be too soft that the body sinks into the bed. For any sleeper, quality sleep is dependant on many factors like stress, the comfort of the bedroom, right room temperature and much more but the most important factor is the quality of a mattress.

How to know if it is time for a new mattress?

It is not easy to know when it is time to buy a new mattress. ┬áThere are some indicators like, if you frequently wake up during the night, end up tossing and turning or have back pain, it is time to go online mattress shopping. When you sleep on a good quality mattress, there is no pain as there is no pressure on the joints and it feels great when you wake up. Though the mattress these days are durable and long lasting, ensure that it is not kept for too long as it may no longer give your body the comfort that it used to when it was new. Also, mattresses tend to gather allergens and dust which can increase allergies and affect your sleep. WakeFit suggests that if your bed has lasted for more than 20 years then it’s time to buy a new one.

Features of a good mattress:

  • If you have recently checked out some new online mattress on sale, you will know that there are numerous choices and varieties and hence choosing the right one becomes a challenge. To know which is the best for you the foremost thing is to spend some time testing it by laying on the mattress for about 15 minutes or so in the position you usually sleep. By replicating the way, you sleep there is a better chance of you picking the right mattress.
  • The next thing to consider is if the bed offers support to the body and aids in proper alignment of the neck and spine. Look for one which is not too soft or too firm, check out best mattress India. If it is too firm, the pressure points are pushed, and the body alignment goes haywire. If it is too soft, the body sinks in, and thus there is no proper support and leads to aches and pains.

There is no single mattress that suits every sleeper. Look for something that helps you sleep better and feel better.

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