Honda NAVI the sporty scooter and bike hybrid from the house of Honda

Honda Motor Company are a multinational automobile company reputed for their highly efficient performance two wheelers in India. Their motorbikes are made for those customers who need a much comfortable means of transportation in the city, hence their scooters (motorcycles without the usual gear transmission) are extremely famous and cherished in India.

The Honda NAVI is their latest addition to their scooter segment, although Honda have categorized it separately as “NAVI”. This is a completely new motorcycle with unique looks, features and specifications. NAVI is the first Honda two wheeler that has been designed and developed entirely by Honda R&D India. Have a look at its features and decide if investing in this vehicle will be in your interest or not.


Is it a scooter? Is it a bike? Wait, it’s the all new Honda NAVI. In appearance, it is a sportyand dynamic vehicle to own. The raised fuel tank and large head lamp give it the appearance of a motorbike. The 12 inch tubeless tyres measure 90/100-12 at the front and similarly 90/100-12 at the rear with a wheel made of sheet metal. Overall, the scooter offers a bold and unique look.

Engine Specifications

The Honda NAVI comes with a 109.2 cc, single cylinder, twin valve, air cooled engine that can generate a maximum torque of 8.94 Nm @ 5500 rpm and has a maximum power output of 8 bhp @ 7000 rpm. Installed with a carburetor fuel delivery system, this scooter doesn’t have a gear box as it is equipped with a CVT mechanism (V-matic), making it an automatic transmission vehicle. It weighs a mere 99 kg and has a ground clearance of 156 mm.


The Honda NAVI has some interesting feature. Here are some of them that make it appealing:

  • 12V 35/35 W bulb headlight
  • Crystal LED tail lamp
  • Honda Eco Technology (HET)
  • Incredible fuel efficiency of 60 kmpl
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.5 liters
  • 130 mm drum brakes at both front and rear
  • Maximum Speed: 81 kmph


The telescopic suspension at the front and spring loaded hydraulic suspension at the rear gives it the ability to handle any road condition and keep the rider comfortable.

The Honda NAVI is currently available in six different colors- black, patriot red, ranger green, Shasta white, Ladakh brown and sparky orange.


The Honda NAVI price starts at around Rs. 46,400/- on an ex-showroom basis rounding off at an on-road price of about Rs. 50,200/- after including the insurance purchase and RTO registration charges.

Honda NAVI is virtually starting a new category for scooters in India and has already caught the imagination of the people.

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5 Most Over-The-Top RVs in the World

If you were curious how the other half lives, or you are lucky enough to have the cash in hand to splash out on a truly out of this world luxurious RV, then rest assured there are many truly grand models that come with exorbitant price tags. When the average person thinks of a winnebago they generally think of a stylish and efficient yet overall simple vehicle that goes from point A to point B and offers the opportunity to sleep and eat in the vehicle. But for some RVs you will get the feel of living in a luxurious mansion on wheels. These are the truly over the top RVs that come with massive price tags and need to be seen to be believed. These are the RVs of celebrities and the fabulously rich. Even if you can’t afford them, it is fun to take a look and marvel at these models where the price tags range in the millions. So without further ado let’s take a look at some of the most over the top RVs currently on the market.

Newell Coach

This super luxury motorhome is 45 feet long and made by the Oklahoma RV company Newell Coach who are renowned for their high end coaches. These coaches come with so many amenities and so much room that you could easily and comfortably live in one for the entire rest of your life and not be inconvenienced. The asking price is 1.7 million and the coach is so high end that it won’t be found at any dealerships. It’s direct buyers only for Newell Coach. That’s how luxurious and out of the world this coach truly is. You can’t even get in for a test drive unless you are a very serious buyer with the cash in hand to make the purchase. This is when you know you aren’t dealing with your average RV and are truly in the upper echelon of the road trip vehicle market

The Heat

This is actor Will Smith’s 1,200 square foot mobile him custom made by Anderson Mobile Estates in Florida. The first floor has a full kitchen, custom bathroom, and multiple offices. The second floor comes complete with a business lounge and automated windows. For those with some extra spending money, you can rent The Heat for only 9,000 a week if you wanted to live like Will Smith on set. With this model your 2.3 million dollars will go toward great craftsmanship as everything on the brown and crème themed luxury interior was custom made including the hanging mirrors and metallic wallpaper.

Fairfax Edition

Liberty Coach in Florida is well known for their forward thinking and luxurious RV models, but with the Fairfax they have really taken this concept and run with it. This 2.2 million dollar model is airbrushed to perfection on the exterior and the interior is custom programmed through an iPad including heated flooring, central air, LED lights, and a full entertainment center. This is certainly not your average winnebago.

Marathon Coach

This one is truly a mansion that can be taken on the road, especially if factoring in the designer choice features including a sliding expansion, interior touchscreens and keypads, fireplace, high end leather furniture, and stunning wooden floors. With this model you will feel as if you’re sitting in the midst of your luxurious and fully decked out mansion, with the added bonus that it drives as well. This is definitely not a bare bones operation, and traveling on this coach is nowhere near “roughing it”. Of course you can’t afford it, but it never hurts to take a look and dare to dream online.

Biscayne Vantare

This 2.3 million dollar vehicle may be higher priced that your average RV rental but it does drive as fast as a Ferrari. It also features leather sites, LED lights, and a flashy exterior unlike any other. This is the most expensive luxury motor home in the entire world. Unique looking and super luxurious, the exteriors are white or gold and features glow in the dark paint and retractable steps, not to mention the most unique, eye catching design imaginable.

If you’re one of the few who has the funds to really splash out on a top line winnebago, then by all means check these models out. If you’re just a day dreamer like the rest of us it is still fun to take a look at these ridiculously luxurious models and day dream about what it might be like to travel in such opulence and luxury. It really says a lot about how far the road trip life has come when there are these types of splashy RVs on the market and that they are actually selling. Finally the road trip life has come full circle.

Earnings per common share: Know the benefits

Earnings per common share is a financial ration as per several market experts. It is the first ratio that is checked by investors when they are deeply analyzing a stock. It is a simple, yet powerful metric that condenses important information in numerical form that is used by investors to make alternative comparisons in terms of investments and estimates the future growth of investment. This metric also helps in charging specific business performances.

All about earnings-per-common share (EPS)

Earnings per common share for a company like Apple would be Earnings Aapl which is a calculation of the company’s totalearnings which are owned by common shareholders and are divided by the common number of shares outstanding. It is preferred to initially find the preferred dividends payable and share numbers before commencing the calculations.

It is important to know the benefits of earnings per common share. The special share class that is entitled to a fixed annual dividend is called preferred shares. If the dividend payable is multiplied with the preferred share numbers and the resulting numbers are subtracted from the net earnings are calculated, then the profit portion of the company that has been given to shareholders can be easily determined. The number that is obtained is divided by the common share numbers to acquire the figure of earnings per common share.

Benefits of EPS

  1. Calculation of income
  • The biggest benefit of determining EPS is the efficient and easy calculation of the amount that the company earns on the investor’s behalf. The claim of the investor on the entire business can be then derived by multiplying the figure by the stock numbers owned by the investor.
  • This calculation can be performed for all the companies present in the portfolio of the investor and then the comparison of the profit amount earned by each company on the behalf of one investor can be obtained.
  • The per-share income is quantified by EPS and this has made other measures irrelevant. This includes the common share numbers outstanding, business size, and other company issues instruments such as preferred stocks and bonds. It presents a crystal clear view for any analyst.
  1. Time series
  • The variation of management with time can be charted using EPS. This is possible because confounding variables with bank loan assumptions and new product launches by companies are eliminated by EPS.
  • If the company has a higher earning of EPS as compared to the previous year, then it is known to do a good job.
  • The probability that ‘stocks may split’ is always present. The outstanding shares that the company possesses is collected by it and all old shares are replaced by the new shares in this process. Every old share is split and a new set of calculations which compare old and new EPS become necessary.
  1. Earnings vs Dividends
  • It is decided by the board of directors how the earnings made must be used. The board of directors decides whether the earnings are to be completely taken by the shareholders or some part of it is paid as a dividend so that it can be invested again in the business.

What Should Be Top Places to Visit While Travelling to Portugal

Portugal is a gorgeous country that offers a lot of opportunities to explore than just cork products, yummy port and gorgeous sea that it is known for. It is a country that is known for loads of historic cities, mesmerizing National Parks and bacalhau to please everyone.

Wandering around Braga

This is a perfect place to find some of most impressive history and buildings in Portugal. To know more about exciting places to visit in Portugal, you must read Portugal car renting guide

Exploring the town of Amarante

Amarante is located in the north of Portugal. It is a wonderful place to explore the history of this lovely region. Ponte São Gonçalo is one of the popular places whose gorgeous arched bridges, riverside route, independent cafes and restaurants that are simply irresistible.

Grab a pint in Porto

Porto is a highly populated city that lies in the north of the Portugal country. Cobbled streets, copious amounts of port and fresh seafood keep you sozzled the entire evening. Some of the best places not to miss are Torre dos Clérigos, the Ribeira region of the city and the Ode Porto Wine House that creates an amazing three course pairing menu that is simply amazing.

Sortelha, the Medieval village time

If an idea of visiting a village tempts you, then Sortelha should be on top of your top list. This is a small village that is dominated by most imposing residence. Ensure to wander the castle grounds with a pair of comfortable walking shoes. The entire village feels throws you back into the primitive medieval times.

A village built around a rock

It looks like unbelievable, isn’t it. Seriously though, there is a small village named Monsanto that is unique in the way it is built. This village has a small population of around 1,000 residents that provides incredible views across the region.

The beautiful Sintra

This is an underestimated place in the amazing Portugal that many people do not even know about it. It is tough not to fall in love with Sintra. Perched. Sintra Mountains has some of the beautiful castles in the entire Europe. It is located at a distance of thirty minutes from the Lisbon. This makes it easy to visit this place for a day or two. When coming to Sintra, ensure that you don’t miss to visit Pena Palace, Moors Castle, Monserrate Palace, and the Sintra Palace.

Best ways to rent A Car in Portugal

Hiring a car on rent will be the best way to explore Porto and Lisbon. It gives you complete flexibility of where and when you go.

  • To get fantastic deals on auto rentals, book it soon
  • Take time to decide the system that you need: manual or automatic transmission
  • Choose a car rental after performing an online comparison
  • Learn about charges including hidden ones at the time of hiring car
  • Learn about discounts and schemes
  • Learn about the provision of waiver insurance that provides coverage for several different rentals in a given period
  • Learn about sneaky charges


Portugal is full of stunning places that bring people to this place in abundance each and every year. These tips save money and avoid unanticipated charges at the time of collecting rental car in Portugal.

Necessity of having shop shutters

These days, you need to protect your property besides protecting yourself. Your property remains in threat not only because of thefts and robberies that can occur but any natural disaster or calamity can occur which can pose a big problem in front of the shop owner. He will be rendered useless financially. In order to save the shop keepers from such encounters, there is a great need to install the shop shutters. These are helpful in the protection of the property and also give a fresh and finished look to your shop. The shop owners can select among the plethora of options available among the designs and patterns of shop shutters.

Also, if you have a window display, then it’s very necessary to have a shop shutter so that the passers by can see your advertisement thereby enjoying the view. Many kinds of shop shutters are available. Some of them have been enlisted below:

  • Roller grills- it is the best in shop shutters as it helps to provide maximum visibility to the onlookers. Also, these are affordable and have quite a lot of open space. In order to have efficient performance and security, these can be installed behind the window of the shop.
  • Shop front rollers- if you regard security as more important than the visibility of your advertisements to the passers by then having a roller shutter is the best possible choice. These shutters work very well with front side of the shops
  • K90 shutters- these are made up of extruded aluminium lath with cut outs. These are quite light weight and have a strong tensile strength with a higher level of visibility. These also work very well on shop fronts
  • Viewguard roller shutters- these have small holes in them like holes in a curtain. These create a semi transparent kind of an effect which allows the onlookers to get a illuminating view of the inside and attracts them to become potential customers
  • Opaque shop front shutters- if the shop owners don’t want to permit open visibility then these non transparent shutters go very handy. There is a solid screenguard that helps to give a complete privacy to the shop. The shop owners can also paint it according to their choice.

Sliding gate are another type of gates that are currently in the trend. These use a ground mounted track for its wheels to move and these also possess varied widths according to the needs of the customers. Generally, the pedestrian gates that you come across in public places are these types of gates. They have the following qualities:

  • These are well planned in infrastructure and fabricated with a robust material
  • These gates are beautifully designed and have great tensile strength
  • The choice of model may vary from 300kg to 18000kg
  • These have to be operated manually in case power failure occurs
  • These can overcome any non living hindrance like ice, dust etc.
  • The motor is capsulated with the help of an insulation packing

How would I get a stylish dress sense?

Getting a stylish sense is not an inborn thing. You have to acquire the style from time to time. You can wear anything you want. you can wear Women’s Jackets and Blazers, tops and accessories and anything you like according to your wishes.

As the fashion trends keep on changing people have to keep themselves up to date so that they do not miss out on anything. This is how you would be able to keep the stylish sense you have got.

Every now and then you keep on seeing a lot of new stories off fashion trends. You get to look for new styles and new celebrities. You follow them and make a style statement.

Why follow celebrities when you can have a style sense of your own?

Following others is sometimes good but when you start doing it always, you lose your charm. Losing a charm is not an option for some people. that is why they have to bring so many new things in their style sense so that they can be the best always.

Stylish dress sense

What stylish dress sense actually is? Stylish dress sense is nothing but wearing what you like and what you admire. If you like a thing, it is yours but if you do not like it but still you are wearing it just because it is in in the fashion, you are not doing anything right.

Do what you like

Doing what you like gives you a different sort of satisfaction. You get satisfied with what you wear because you feel comfortable in it. I you are wearing anything that you do not like at all, you are doing justice to yourself. You should do what you like because people will always bring out something bad in you. so, it is better to do what you like rather than what people like for you.

Is following celebrities a good way to gain style?

Following celebrities is good but excess of anything can be harmful to you. that is why it is better to have a unique style sense of yours. You can always follow the celebrities but you should always have your own factor in it. this is how you will be able to own the looks in the best way.

Ownthelooks provides you with a wide range of clothing which you can choose from easily you can choose anything you like to make a style statement of yours. All you need is to choose what you think would suit you. If you like it, you should own it. to own it you should surely take the help of the online store of our very own ownthelook. You can ask them anything you want related to the products and you will be assisted in a great manner as well. they will guide you and you will get the products delivered at your doorstep. this is as easy as I say it. you should not lose this opportunity at all. wear your style to own the look UK you got.

Choose The Right Type Of Binding For Your Documents

Business houses, schools, hospitals, banks and other establishments make use of many documents. Almost all of them need perfect binding to avoid their scattering and misplacing. Documents bound in perfect manner can be preserved for longer times whereas loose pages could be damaged or lost here and there. Different types of binding systems including Surebind System 2 are available.

Different types of binding – Mentioned hereunder are the prominent binding types out of which the needed guys may choose the one that suits them the most:

  • Comb Binding – Use of conventional plastic combs is made to keep the pages intact and bound together. This system gives the facility of letting the pages open wide and lie flat for ease of note taking and photocopying. Additional pages can be added or the unwanted pages can be removed by using a machine. Available in different colours and sizes, the machines for comb binding can be purchased with electric or manual punches.
  • Wire Binding – It is the safest methods of preserving the documents together and opening them at 360° rotation that makes note taking and photocopying quite easy. Available in A4 or A5 sizes, the wires help in multifunctional use with the help of binding machines. The needy guys may purchase the wires in packs and boxes that help in wide finishes and colours. Manual, electric and clamping punches are the exclusive benefits of wire binding method.
  • Thermal Binding – This clean and perfect bound method of binding the documents together is quite popular these days. Use of a secure heating element is made in this method wherein the adhesive strip is melted that is helpful to stuck together the pages permanently. Quite useful for stacking, mailing and filing; the thermal binding system is quite useful.
  • Multi Functional Binding Systems – As the name suggests, this method is helpful in choosing from different binding systems that are combined together in a single machine. Perfect for anyone needs the flexibility of multi binding formats without spending for two or more units; this is the most feasible method of holding the documents together. Manual and electric feasibility is the additional advantage.
  • Spiral or Coil Binding – As the name suggests, use of plastic or metal coil is made in this binding system. This is most popular with the commercial establishments that involve thousands of documents that need to be held together.
  • Click Binding – This is another helpful binding system that allows the pages to lie flat with 360° rotation that is useful for the ones that intend note taking and photocopying quite often. This unique method of binding has 34 loops that are helpful for binding A4 documents.
  • Channel Binding – Easy to use, this method is able to bind up to 280, 80gsm, A4 sheets within no time. It is able to facilitate impressive finishes as regards holding the documents together.
  • Strip Binding – Use of a strip and prongs is made to clamp and secure the pages together in perfect manner. This method has also become too popular amongst the business houses, hospitals, banks and other commercial establishments.

Why not perfect binding with Surebind System 2 that is in great demand because of its extraordinary features.

Permanent residency a boon

With an elevated living standard and poised lifestyle supported by a powerful economy and picturesque landscapes, Australia forms the much-loved place of immigration in comparison to other nations. It is known as a continent country where one can get a higher education, better business as well as employment opportunities in a number of sectors across the nation. People undertake immigration to Australia so that to enjoy a good life. Before traveling to the country, you are required to lodge a petition for the PR- permanent residency visa to obtain the right to reside, study, and continue work with no restriction in Australia. Below are enumerated benefits of permanent residency visa in Australia.

Benefits of PR Australia

Being a PR – permanent resident, you shall be issued a permanent residency visa Australia. This enables the applicant to get the right to reside in the country indefinitely. You shall take the benefit of the facilities of traveling towards Australia and from the country as you get the status of a permanent resident. But, in the first go the permanent visa shall be granted for the short span of five years. You have to apply for the visa once more either from within Australia or outside the country.

As you acquire a visa for permanent resident in Australia, you can get pleasure from unrestricted liberty to pursue the course of your choice of study. The permanent residents possess various choices to select as they happen to get admission in any university. In the country are found a few kinds of loans that are particularly for the permanent residents. These loans can be incredibly useful in dealing with the monetary crisis that can be incurred by the student because of extra funds spend on the study.

One more feature of permanent residence concerns work permit. Working in the country can be very easy with the help of the permanent resident visa. The permanent residents may assume work under an employer within any suitable occupation. Nevertheless, working in the armed forces and the public service is meant only for the Australian citizens. But it doesn’t make a difference in the industrial laws amid the citizens and the permanent residents. The permanent residents can derive the similar advantages as are enjoyed by the citizens of Australia. They can work as a part within the trade unions and also may claim compensation meant for workers.

With respect to social security, the permanent residents are needed to stay in the country for at least two years. Prior to they will be able to obtain social security advantages such as student, sickness, and unemployment benefits which are provided by the government of Australia.

A very crucial advantage that the permanent residents may derive is the facility of healthcare entitlement. Being the permanent resident of the country, you can have the privilege pertaining to health insurance scheme that is offered by Australian government known as Medicare. Under this scheme, the permanent resident may obtain free treatment in the public hospitals and can get medicines on subsidy.

What Are The Leading Services Performed By Modern Signmakers?

Signs are now treated as one of the major requirements of any corporate unit. They are mainly needed for making the brands promoted broad and wide. They can influence huge communities at the same time and this is why, they are generally produced in bulk. Sign makers Slough take bulk orders and produce signs accordingly for satisfying their corporate clients. Before hiring any signmaker you should make a thorough market survey in order to find out the best one.

Predominant sign making services:

  • First, sign makers speak to the clients in order to learn about their specific requirements. After that in accordance with client requirements and market trends, these professionals prepare a perfect planning regarding how to make personalised signs. In this respect, different essential things need to be considered like materials, colour, positioning, landscaping, and site plans. Company info also needs to be known so that those correct facts can be included in the signs.
  • Design making is one of the leading services. Only high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and functional designs need to be created for producing huge impacts on targeted communities. Different samples are being referred so that creative edge can get a great support. The design’s tough copies are shown to the clients so that final approval can be received. If any changes or edits are needed then they can also be easily added to the actual signage. Sign makers Slough have got expertise in using latest digital technology of printing for creating some of the most exclusive sign designs.
  • Nowadays, sign designs are getting prepared with the use of digital printing. Digital printing is quite an advanced method of fabrication and thus designs get prepared easily and quickly. Signmakers also find this design making technique pretty cost-effective.  Decorative appeal, functional superiority and long lasting values can be received from digitally prepared signs. Some of the popular methods included in this respect are screen printing, computerised fabrication, neon printing and many more.
  • Sign installation is an essential step and this can be performed only by specialised professionals having experience in the same field. Different kinds of sign applications are now getting used by these experts. For making installation properly, both sign size and installation location need to be considered. You have to choose such an expert who can deal with both exterior and interior sign systems.
  • Installation is not the sole thing rather it is always followed by maintenance. Maintenance is needed for making the signs last for long. In most of the cases, sign making companies take the responsibility of both installing and maintaining signs on behalf of their clients. Different useful maintenance tips need to be implemented for maintaining both the aesthetic and functional values of signs. Lighting or mechanical issues need to be repaired for ensuring consistent performance and longevity. Just for serving maintenance services long-term contracts are signed by sign making companies with their clients.

You should consult with your signmaker regarding what info to include and what not. There should be a scope for updating the details from time to time otherwise it would be very difficult to stay competitive in the market. Sign makers Slough generally maintain specialised teams for updating and maintaining custom made signs in the long run.

Thing You Should Know Before Hiring A Skip Service

Want to move big chunks of wastes, trashes, litter, spares, and rubbish in just the snap of your fingers? Hiring a Skip service couldn’t be any better. Removing piles of waste deposits around your residential or office premises are made easy with these services like never before.

We just can’t stop talking about services like skip hire Romford and others here. They’re just a call away when you want them to pick up your unwanted kinds of stuff in no time with a wide range of service options. Some of them can even pick up the same day. However, all of them provide an impeccable service without hitting your wallet. Let’s see how.

How to skip service works

There are certain things that you need to know when you want to hire a skip service. A Skip refers to a box-shaped huge container ready to load wastes of all kinds. But, waste clearance can be of many types, while skip services like skip hire Romford might not address all of them. For ex., skip services are not available when your trash includes stuff like Asbestos, Plasterboard, batteries, cylinders, electrical appliances, or anything of that sort. So, skip service providers need to receive a briefing prior to confirming you a service quotation for your waste. You need to guide them with the appropriate material, size, and the kind of waste you want to clear. What’s more? You can hire a skip for a period of maximum 2 weeks. There are much more you need to know before you hire a skip for your area.

The know-how of a Skip Hire

You might need a skip permit and a parking suspension approval before you hire a skip service like skip hire Romford or more. So, where do you think you will get a service from? Just, go online and type the word and you will be directed at least with a hundred, if not thousand, comprehensive skip services, available nationwide for clearing light to heavy load wastes anytime anywhere.  However, these services fulfill their promises in the following areas…

  • Online hassle-free booking,
  • Instant Quotes,
  • Round the clock service,
  • Fully licensed and accredited waste carrier,
  • Variety of skip containers,
  • On-time Skip delivery and collection,
  • Permits arrangement from the local authorities,
  • Wait and load privilege,
  • Same day delivery and pick up,
  • 100% service satisfaction.

Why Skip service is so popular

The fast and value-added services of today’s skips are making them a one-stop choice, across all sectors, domestic or large scale industries. The best part is, Skips are now available in all sizes for your bespoke needs and variety of wasteful objects.  For ex., single skips are for your private household needs, while the fleet caters to the large-scale industrial waste removal needs.

In a nutshell, you need to choose a skip hire service that can address your unique requirement of waste management. Check your waste quality, fix your budget, go to a trusted website and click the hire button and watch your selected service remove all your unwanted garbage in a fraction of time. Waste removal had never been easier.