Follow the tips so you don’t ruin your first date after meeting online

Well, most of the people choose to online dating as due to various reasons.  But, online dating has its own things that you need to understand so you can get smooth dating experience. Well, it’s not ad to say that online dating is a great option for those who don’t have enough time to meet people as online dating help them to meet people.

But what you should do when you are all set for the next step which is meeting your date in person.  Lots of time people ruin their chances because of some mistakes.  For avoiding such things, here are a few tips that will help you. If you are looking for an option to try then you can go for Asian Single Solution too.

# re-read what you talked before

It’s one of the most basic and silliest mistakes that you can do, that’s why it’s important to re-read whatever you chatted before so you don’t mix up people.  Apart from that, it helps you in remembering the details and the idea of what kind of person you are going to meet.

# Drinking too much is a big no

For the first time date especially when you are meeting the person for the first time, it’s important to control your drinking habits. However, drinking and acting up drunk may cute but not for the first timers as they don’t know how to handle you. It’s not just bad for impression but also dangerous to trust too much.

# Don’t go for Dutch

It’s one of the common things that progressive girl believe, however it’s not bad either. But for the first date, it’s important to don’t go for Dutch option and if you are going for it then tell your partner before the date.   Lots of men feel awkward as well as uncomfortable to let their dates paying the bill. That’s why make sure you are clear about everything before you decide to meet him.

# Online world and the real world is different

Don’t mix online and real world together as they are far different. There are some people who find chatting more comfortable than talking someone face to face. If your date is feeling shy and uncomfortable then give him some time to open up and let him free to tell what he wants.

# Find the balance between funny and serious

Don’t go for a complete serious talk and don’t go for complete funny, it’s important to find the balance so you can know about the person and vice versa. Along with that, do ask a question which you find necessary to know even if it’s not for first date question. It’s better to be clear than confuse.

# Be honest and don’t hide

Not just for the first date but also for the future, it’s important to be honest as it’s the most basic need for a healthy relationship. Along with that, if you don’t feel anything about the date and you don’t want to continue, be honest and let him know. It will help you both to not waste time. If not and you do feel the chemistry and want to give it a shot then tell that too.

6 Drool-Worthy Wedding Cake Flavors To Jazz Up Guest’s Palette

Cake cutting at Indian weddings is not a very common tradition because this activity is more of western culture. But with India becoming more global day-by-day, many couples are making these western traditions a part of their weddings like cake cutting, arranging for bridal registries, pre-wedding video and photo shoot etc.

A lot of couples face confusion in deciding the flavor of their wedding cake. With n number of flavor options available, getting lost is pretty much an obvious thing. This is where you may need the help of expert wedding cateres in Bangalore. For the wedding season 2018, the experts recommend couples to opt for two wedding cakes (although, it is no compulsion) in which one flavor is the couples favorite and other is a crowd pleaser.

But for that, you need to have an idea about trending cake flavors and combinations. To help you with that, we enlist 6 lip-smacking cake flavors which are a super-duper hit this wedding season.

  1. Cookie & Cream: For the couples who are looking to rediscover their childhood love for cookies and sweet cream, this cake flavor is an unbeatable choice. Traditionally this flavor has chocolate cookies and vanilla cream but you can ask the caterer to customize it as per your preferences.
  2. Lemon & Strawberry: If you like a cake which is a little tangy and sweet in flavor then your search stops right here! Very light and fruity in flavor, lemon and strawberry cake is perfect for summer and daytime wedding festivities.
  3. Red Velvet: Red color is a symbol of love and so is this cake. Red Velvet cake flavor has gained a lot of momentum in the last 2 years due to its distinct sweet flavor with a hint of saltiness. And not to mention, its red color makes this cake looks oh so pretty!
  4. Chocolate: There isn’t a flavor which comes near to chocolate and especially when it is for a couple in love. Chocolate is considered to be an aphrodisiac which enhances the couples desire for each other (yeah we can hear all the ladies go oh la la!). So we do not think that you need a more valid reason to have a wedding cake filled with oodles of dark and bitter-sweet chocolate.
  5. Mix Fruit: Nothing compliments the summer wedding vibes better than a mix-fruit cake. A piece of friendly advice though, ask your baker or the wedding caterer to include only fresh and seasonal fruits in the cake as this will keep it fresh and tasty AF!
  6. Coffee: A bit unusual flavor especially for a wedding, but hey! who’s judging? After all, it’s your wedding and if you are a hardcore coffee lover then go ahead and include this bitter-sweet treat to the cake flavor.

We hope by now you must have found the cake flavor which is suitable for the wedding festivities. Because it is time to book the caterer who will turn your dream cake into reality and for this, you just need to visit which is India’s favorite online wedding market. Here you will find the best caterers in your city.

Randal Benjamin – Tips to Become a Good Team Player in Basketball

Basketball is a team game, and you need to know the members of your team well for success. If you really wish to excel in the sport, you should master the techniques of passing, on ball defense and shooting. The process of being a good team player in the game of basketball takes time. It can be accomplished with patience, commitment and dedication.

Randal Benjamin – Tips to become a good team player in Basketball

Randal Benjamin is a popular athlete in Las Vegas Nevada, and he is fond of basketball and football. He says that in the game of basketball, you need to make good decisions about the game. Coaches say you need to be confident about all the decisions you make when you play the game. For instance, while playing the game if you find that a teammate is open and you are about to be blocked, immediately pass the ball over to them. In this way, you can make the shot simple for your teammate. When you are shooting the ball, you need to bend and then release the ball in a single swift motion.

Keep your head up most of the time

When you are playing basketball with a team, make sure to keep your head up all the time. This helps you to get a better shot and at the same time helps you to be aware of the passes that are being made to you by the other players of the game.

Passing over to teammates

Make sure you pass the ball to your teammate with care. If you pass the ball quite high in the air, it might not go to your teammate. Experts state passing the ball high in the air is not a good idea at all. Make sure you pass the ball to the other person firmly and quickly so that is flies through the air and the opponent player cannot intercept it quickly.

Aggressive rebounds

When you have shot the ball through the air, and it did not reach the loop, aim for an aggressive rebound. Experts say that in the game of basketball you should take risks. There is no worth playing the game if you do not take risks. There are times when you might surprise yourself with the risks you take. There is always something new to learn when you play basketball so do not be afraid. These new things actually help you to improve at the game.

Randal Benjamin says when you play basketball, keep the above tips in mind to be a good team player. When you wish to become a good basketball player, always work hard and ensure that you practice daily. You should be an inspiring example to your teammates. Focus on your shots to ensure you take good ones when you are playing real matches. Remember basketball is a highly competitive game so focus on your playing and practice skills well to give the best performance and results!

Importance of birthday party for children

Parties are an important part of children’s lives where they are getting a chance to express them and explore the uniqueness of the party with their friends and colleagues. One should always try to select the theme of the party based on the occasion for which it is to be organized. It will add more importance to the party and the way kids are exploring the party.

A birthday is an important event which is having their own importance among the children. It is an important occasion or a day when kids would love to spend the day in most creative and innovative manner. They would thereby wish to have their birthday party highly customized to their needs so that they would love to be at the birthday party.

Importance of organizing the birthday party for children

Organizing birthday party is having their own importance among the children as it is a day of unique importance to them. One can thereby make this day of greater significance by organizing a party which is bringing creativeness and engagement among the kids who are going to attend the party. We have thereby discussed few of the importance of birthday parties for children over here.

  1. Showcasing the importance of the day: This can also be considered as showcasing the kid who is having a birthday about how much importance we carry for the day when they are having their birthday. It is thereby a way of showing their importance for us by means of making the party special in a way in which it is flowing and moving forward. One should make this flow in a better manner such that kids who are having their birthday feels most encouraging to be attending their birthday party.
  2. Organizing the relevant events: One can also organize the events at the party which is relevant to the same. It will help in making the party most successful and also the kids who are joining over there will love to express themselves at the party. These events are in a way giving a chance to these kids to showcase their talent to other kids who are going to join the party. It is thereby acting as a platform for these kids to utilize this event to showcase their creative stuff.
  3. Encouraging Kids interaction with the flow: This ensures that kids are interacting with the various events and the way party is flowing. It encourages maximum kids engagement with the party which will ultimately result in the maximum effectiveness of the party in terms of kids enjoying the party and even contributing to the various events which are organized at the party. It will result in children’s knowing each other at the party which will result in children’s enjoying the party.


Thus, we can say that birthday party for children is having its own significance among the kids. One should consider this importance as it contributes to the overall success of the party and how much children’s explore the creative stuff at the party. It will also result in children’s contributing maximum to the party and their outcomes.