Randal Benjamin – Tips to Become a Good Team Player in Basketball

Basketball is a team game, and you need to know the members of your team well for success. If you really wish to excel in the sport, you should master the techniques of passing, on ball defense and shooting. The process of being a good team player in the game of basketball takes time. It can be accomplished with patience, commitment and dedication.

Randal Benjamin – Tips to become a good team player in Basketball

Randal Benjamin is a popular athlete in Las Vegas Nevada, and he is fond of basketball and football. He says that in the game of basketball, you need to make good decisions about the game. Coaches say you need to be confident about all the decisions you make when you play the game. For instance, while playing the game if you find that a teammate is open and you are about to be blocked, immediately pass the ball over to them. In this way, you can make the shot simple for your teammate. When you are shooting the ball, you need to bend and then release the ball in a single swift motion.

Keep your head up most of the time

When you are playing basketball with a team, make sure to keep your head up all the time. This helps you to get a better shot and at the same time helps you to be aware of the passes that are being made to you by the other players of the game.

Passing over to teammates

Make sure you pass the ball to your teammate with care. If you pass the ball quite high in the air, it might not go to your teammate. Experts state passing the ball high in the air is not a good idea at all. Make sure you pass the ball to the other person firmly and quickly so that is flies through the air and the opponent player cannot intercept it quickly.

Aggressive rebounds

When you have shot the ball through the air, and it did not reach the loop, aim for an aggressive rebound. Experts say that in the game of basketball you should take risks. There is no worth playing the game if you do not take risks. There are times when you might surprise yourself with the risks you take. There is always something new to learn when you play basketball so do not be afraid. These new things actually help you to improve at the game.

Randal Benjamin says when you play basketball, keep the above tips in mind to be a good team player. When you wish to become a good basketball player, always work hard and ensure that you practice daily. You should be an inspiring example to your teammates. Focus on your shots to ensure you take good ones when you are playing real matches. Remember basketball is a highly competitive game so focus on your playing and practice skills well to give the best performance and results!