9apps – Best App Store to Get Everything For Free

In the modern world, plenty of app stores come into play because of the increased use of mobile applications. However, people are still unaware of those app stores and rely on the same play store come with the devices by default. In the android mobile, users commonly access Google play store to get access to their favorite apps and games.

To use Google store, you must come across several things such as login. It is quite messy for those who do not wish to undergo these procedures. In the android app marketplace, plenty of app stores are accessible nowadays, which can be a perfect alternative to Google store. 9apps is one of those play store highly used by the people to get apk files of their desired movies, games, and apps.

Although it is launched much later than Google store, it has made a huge headway and positioned in the top ranking among the competitors. It has almost all the applications available in the Google store. Additionally, it has crash software and other applications that are not accessible, which includes vidmate, snaptube, and so on.

Why people wish to get 9apps than Google play store

Are you curious to know the things, which distinguish 9apps from Google app store? If yes, then take a quick rundown on the below section.

  • Selection of thousands of application, which are not accessible in the Google app store
  • Availability of several independent apk files including games and apps
  • Has more than millions of android games, apps, wallpapers, and videos in its directory
  • Provide apps that are free from viruses and malware
  • Every application is completely reviewed before listing
  • The safe and secure app store for your mobile
  • List the updated content every now and then for use convenience

Awesome features make 9apps more popular

When an application becomes more popular in the ground, the ultimate credit goes to be its awesome features. The same thing happens in the 9apps story. Look at the interesting features of this user rated app store.

  • App store is extremely lightweight
  • Has advanced SDK for the app developers
  • 100% safe and secure to use
  • Available in more than 14languages including English
  • All the content is often updated
  • Has a dedicated section for videos, music, wallpapers, ringtones, and games
  • Extremely fast user interface
  • Established strict rules and policies in order to keep malicious content at the bay

Download 9apps to get your favorite app!

Unlike google app store, you will not avail 9Apps by default in your mobile. Therefore, you must download it at your own risk from its official site. Once you have downloaded 9Apps, you can use it and search for the app you look for. All the application you get from this store will be in apk format, which means you can install it and then delete it. It eventually saves your memory space.

Benefit from the new connecting technology

It tends to be astonishing to observe millions of gadgets commune with one another on a daily basis. Nevertheless, this magnification in connectivity introduces innovation in the manner you interrelate and utilise such gadgets. Within the evolving and amplifying IOT market, the facilities associated with such linked things aid to add extra worth to the business. Therefore, IT industry leaders are putting forth novel notions of linking things and people with the aim to deliver novel services towards the market.

The top internet of things companies assists consumers with novel business models incorporating the internet of things technology. They tend to proffer end-to-end solutions within IOT or the internet of things from the whole of the primary mobile forums. These companies offer you with the swiftness required for the success related to the business within today’s networked society.  They have created a system where you, as a user, can attach numerous items to one device and get them to the work as required for the concerned purpose.

Here are given ways the businesses are able to cash on the IOT.

Enlarge business chances

The internet of things unlocks the doors for the newest enterprise chances, and aids companies capitalise on novel revenue streams shaped up by advanced enterprise services and models. Innovations driven by the internet of things forge sturdy business cases, diminish time to sell and amplify ROI or return on investments. The internet of things providers do possess the potential to alter the manner businesses and customers face up to the world by influencing the gamut relating to the internet of things further than connectivity.  One can say that it is a tool with the help of which one can do a lot of things with one click on the smartphone. All the devices attached to it, or synchronised can be made to use as per one’s requirement in almost no time.

Better asset utilisation 

The internet of things can boost up tracking of assets like tools, equipment, machinery etc. utilising connectivity and sensors that aid companies to derive benefit from real-time viewing. Organisations are enormously competent to make out issues without any complicatedness within the assets and also run preventative maintenance so that to perk up asset utilisation.

Able Processes

Being linked with the greatest number of gadgets to the internet, internet of things permit enterprises to act smartly with real-time operational viewing while minimising operating expenses. The information gathered from the logistics network, supply chain, floor, and factory shall assist cut down inventory, the timeframe to sell and downtime on the ground of maintenance.

Perked up security and safety

The internet of things incorporated with video cameras and sensors assist scrutinise workspace to make definite equipment safety and also safeguard against physical threats. The internet of things connectivity synchronises many teams to tackle issues on time.

Amplify productivity

Productivity has got an important part in the profitability relating to any enterprise. The internet of things provides simply well-timed training for staff, boost up labour capabilities, and cut down mismatch of talents while amplifying the company’s productivity.

Which is the best Bluetooth speaker Acid Eye or JBL?

Which is the best Bluetooth speaker in India; buyers are always confused before making a decision on their purchase. It isn’t easy to make a final decision on a Dy-28 portable Bluetooth speaker. This content will clear all the doubts that you have in mind before finalizing on which brand of best Bluetooth speaker is a better choice for you. In fact, let the device be a portable Bluetooth speaker from Acid Eye or portable Bluetooth speaker from JBL, I will explain both types to arrive at my final result. Below is a comprehensive post comparing both the devices and in the end I will declare to you as to which should be your best choice of Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker to buy.

Most important factors and the comparison between 2 models are as follows:

  1. Design
  2. Sturdiness
  3. Sound quality
  4. Weight measure
  5. Box Packing

Both models are compared keeping top 10 golden rules mentioned above.

Let me first explain to you in detail.

DY-28 ACID EYE Portable Bluetooth speaker:

  1. Design: 10/10

Your search for a Portable Bluetooth speaker should stop here. It has a sporty look, with high definition sound, deep bass, and a perfectly designed wireless portable Bluetooth speaker that uses ergonomic aesthetics and that is made only for the movie and music lovers. It does give you pleasure listening to the melodious songs and thumping action movies. If you want to BUY HD Wireless portable Bluetooth speaker, then you definitely need this device to queue up your next song be it on the stereo or a high definition movie clip, you need this device. If you are looking for a stylish best Bluetooth speaker in India then this is the one, also the best Wireless Bluetooth speaker and of course, they both (Acid Eye and JBL) have absolutely no room for ambient noise to seep in; turn up the volume at ease, mark your presence with the stylish headset on you, listen to the beats and feel the acoustic like never before you did it on other wireless devices. Be it in schools, colleges, offices, homes, vacation, traveling, gym, hotels, coffee shops, Acid EYE Wireless portable Bluetooth speaker is an essential device to carry etc. In short, the smoothness of this device and the performance is splendid.


Design: 7/10

The design factor as compared to Acid eye Bluetooth speaker is 7/10. This one indeed has a sporty look it drops some scores due to lack of keeping the aesthetics of the product on par with Acid eye product. Acid eye comes with a single color coating, but JBL comes with a dull color coating. However Acid eye Bluetooth speaker is more catchy and trendy as compared to JBL. The brilliant acoustic output on the Acid eye is more soothing but I must admit that both the devices are good in keeping the ambient noise far from reach.

DY-28 ACID EYE Bluetooth speaker:

  1. Sturdiness: 9/10

This speaker is sturdy even after handling it carelessly. Although the device is so lightweight and the robust quality of it gives a scoring thumbs up. This device is a personal favorite of the young generation who love to use their devices on extreme conditions. This is proved after immense survey done among youngsters using Wireless portable Bluetooth speakers.


Sturdiness: 8/10

This device is sturdy and lightweight. After doing a survey on this device keeping in mind effective usage or in extreme conditions it didn’t rank up well as compared to Acid eye Bluetooth speaker.

DY-28 ACID EYE Bluetooth speaker:

  1. Sound Quality: 10/10

As mentioned earlier this device gives you a pleasure listening to the melodious songs and thumping action movies. Giving its performance you will never get tired of using it. The sound quality is just awesome, you will hear to each and every music note crystal clear. Since it keeps the noisy noise far from reach your ears will only listen to the sound within device and nothing else from the outside.


Sound Quality: 9/10

The sound output of JBL is good enough. We managed to do the testing on various music channels to compare the sound analysis. In some cases, music throughput was not so crystal clear but the same analysis performed on Acid eye Wireless portable Bluetooth speaker performed incredibly well.

ACID EYE portable Bluetooth speaker:

  1. Weight measure: 10/10

The weight usually is measured in Gms and Ounces; it is 55 to 58 gms.


Weight measure: 10/10

The weight usually is measured in Gms and Ounces; it is 55 to 60 gms.

ACID EYE portable Bluetooth speaker:

  1. Box packing: 10/10

Premium box packing, we didn’t find any issues with packing.


Box packing: 10/10

Premium box packing, we didn’t find any issues with packing.