Choose The Right Type Of Binding For Your Documents

Choose The Right Type Of Binding For Your Documents

Business houses, schools, hospitals, banks and other establishments make use of many documents. Almost all of them need perfect binding to avoid their scattering and misplacing. Documents bound in perfect manner can be preserved for longer times whereas loose pages could be damaged or lost here and there. Different types of binding systems including Surebind System 2 are available.

Different types of binding – Mentioned hereunder are the prominent binding types out of which the needed guys may choose the one that suits them the most:

  • Comb Binding – Use of conventional plastic combs is made to keep the pages intact and bound together. This system gives the facility of letting the pages open wide and lie flat for ease of note taking and photocopying. Additional pages can be added or the unwanted pages can be removed by using a machine. Available in different colours and sizes, the machines for comb binding can be purchased with electric or manual punches.
  • Wire Binding – It is the safest methods of preserving the documents together and opening them at 360° rotation that makes note taking and photocopying quite easy. Available in A4 or A5 sizes, the wires help in multifunctional use with the help of binding machines. The needy guys may purchase the wires in packs and boxes that help in wide finishes and colours. Manual, electric and clamping punches are the exclusive benefits of wire binding method.
  • Thermal Binding – This clean and perfect bound method of binding the documents together is quite popular these days. Use of a secure heating element is made in this method wherein the adhesive strip is melted that is helpful to stuck together the pages permanently. Quite useful for stacking, mailing and filing; the thermal binding system is quite useful.
  • Multi Functional Binding Systems – As the name suggests, this method is helpful in choosing from different binding systems that are combined together in a single machine. Perfect for anyone needs the flexibility of multi binding formats without spending for two or more units; this is the most feasible method of holding the documents together. Manual and electric feasibility is the additional advantage.
  • Spiral or Coil Binding – As the name suggests, use of plastic or metal coil is made in this binding system. This is most popular with the commercial establishments that involve thousands of documents that need to be held together.
  • Click Binding – This is another helpful binding system that allows the pages to lie flat with 360° rotation that is useful for the ones that intend note taking and photocopying quite often. This unique method of binding has 34 loops that are helpful for binding A4 documents.
  • Channel Binding – Easy to use, this method is able to bind up to 280, 80gsm, A4 sheets within no time. It is able to facilitate impressive finishes as regards holding the documents together.
  • Strip Binding – Use of a strip and prongs is made to clamp and secure the pages together in perfect manner. This method has also become too popular amongst the business houses, hospitals, banks and other commercial establishments.

Why not perfect binding with Surebind System 2 that is in great demand because of its extraordinary features.

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