Exquisite Design: The Ideal Shower/Bath(?)Tap For You / Finding Your Ideal Shower Tap

Exquisite Design: The Ideal Shower/Bath(?)Tap For You / Finding Your Ideal Shower Tap

There is nothing better than enjoying a warm and steamy shower after a long day.

The right shower or bath tap can make your experience a whole lot different. There are several things you shouldalso consider when choosing an elegant shower or bath tap design, such as your water pressure, your bathroom design, and the space available.

The options are endless, so we have simplified it for you here.

Bath Monobloc Mixers

Sometimes, less is more. If you have a small space or a tight angle, a monobloc tap will provide ultimate functionality. Usually, it can be quite stressing to fit everything you want in a bathroom if you have little space. However, a mono mixer provides both a luxury touch and will fit and feel just right.

Two-Hole Bath Taps

Two-hole bath taps are an increasingly popular option with its many varieties in elegant styles and finishes. These taps are suitable for any kind of bathroom and provide a classic look, bringing new life into your bathroom. Additionally, most of them are compatible with low-pressure water, which makes them ideal for all.

Three-Hole Bath Taps

Three-hole bath taps have an incredibly satisfying feeling, especially when they are well placed in the bathroom. Some of these bath taps come with a shower handset, which is very convenient for those days you need to wash your hair, but don’t feel like bathing.

Four and Five-Hole Bath Taps

This ultimate four and five-hole bath taps giveyou the complete experience that adds perfection to a bathroom. For any modern or vintage bathroom, these bath taps are the perfect fit for all your needs. With these, your convenience and flexibility are there for your satisfaction

Bath Spouts

If you are looking for a minimalistic yet sophisticated touch, bath spouts are just right for you. Unwind and allow yourself to be mesmerized watching the water flow down your bath. If mounted on the wall, bath spouts go hand in hand with freestanding baths, or roll tops.

Bath Tap Pairs

Designing bathrooms is always tricky and you can make things a lot easier if you choose to go with bath tap pairs. These are more suited for low-pressure water because they offer a high water flow. They come in stunning finishes, such as polished gold, matte black, and brushed nickel, making it easy for you to choose what suits best for your bathroom décor.

Freestanding Bath Taps

Freestanding bath taps are not only striking, but opulent as well. However, It is its flexibility that makes it so desirable. You can place them on any side you desire and whenever you want. Most of these come with a hand shower kit, making them even more convenient.

Thermostatic Bath Taps

If you want to have complete control of your water temperature, thermostatic taps are yourbest option.It will automatically regulate the water temperature for you. So,if someone turns on the kitchen tap, the temperature of your water will not change. It’s the perfect protection against sudden changes to your bath’s temperature.

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