Top 10 Maryland Restaurants For Your Every Craving

Top 10 Maryland Restaurants For Your Every Craving

Home to around six million people, Maryland is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. Though it is one of the smallest states, it has a rich culture and heritage — it is known as the birthplace of the US national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner” and it is home to historical cities like Annapolis and Baltimore. But apart from this legacy, it is known as a popular destination among tourists, with approximately 42 million people visiting the state.

If you’re in Maryland, be sure not to miss the popular culinary treats restaurants Towson MD has to offer. We’re counting down the 10 best food hubs to satisfy your every craving:

7 West Bistro Grille

Nestled at the heart of Towson, this place is widely popular for its cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. Open during lunch and dinner, they use local and organic ingredients to produce dishes that will surely satisfy your appetite.

The Elephant

Baltimore is known as a must-visit food city. And one of the finest dining experience you can have in this area is offered by The Elephant. Apart from its masterfully done and served global cuisine, tourists flock to this place for its historic setting. The Elephant is located in a picturesque 1850s midtown mansion.

Gypsy Queen Cafe

This dining hub is the definition of inventiveness — from its Baltimore-inspired fusion cuisine to its food truck setting. Their crab cone and cheesesteaks are a must-try.

Old Stein Inn

This eatery has been in the business since 1983. They serve German fare and widely famous for their imported beer selections. This place is perfect if you’re looking for a resto with outdoor seating and live music.

Reynold’s Tavern

Bask in the Georgian-themes beauty of this Annapolis-headquartered tavern. Besides lodgers, it welcomes guests who come for their popular meals and refreshments. In addition to their lunch and dinner menu, they’re popular for their traditional afternoon tea offering.

Richardson Farms

If you want to try a unique culinary experience other than what restaurants Towson MD provide, you’ll never go wrong if you take a trip to Richardson Farms in White Marsh. Their gluten-free menu consists of fresh veggies and fruits and other American delicacies.

Drummer’s Cafe

A dining hub in The Atlantic Hotel, this foodie’s hub is quaint and a true source of Maryland’s historic taste. The hotel has been serving locals and tourists for over a century now, and it’s a great go-to place for delicious seafood meals.

Liquid Assets

Like the Atlantic Hotel, this one’s located in Ocean City. This high-end diner doesn’t only offer delectable fine cuisine, it also serves as a specialty store selling top-of-the-line liquor brands.

Charleston Restaurant

This award-winning restaurant is one of Baltimore’s best. Founded in 1997 and located in the waterfront neighborhood of Harbor East, their dishes combines the tasty and elegant French fare with South Carolina’s style of cooking.

Jimmy Cantler’s Riverside Inn

Maryland is known among culinary aficionados for its crab-themed meals. This is why several restaurants Towson MD serve food that features crab as the main star. Jimmy Cantler’s Riverside Inn is the place to be if you’re craving for authentic Maryland crab dining experience.

Maryland is a great destination for foodies. If you happen to drop by at Towson, check out 7 West Bistro, one of the best restaurants Towson MD.

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