Top Benefits Of A Vacuum Casting Service

The world of 3D printing is constantly evolving as new types of printing technologies are introduced regularly. One of the most prominent concepts recently is vacuum casting. It is a new printing technology that offers exceptional benefits to companies and individual innovators. As a result, there is a swarm of companies that offer vacuum casting service. What follows is a brief explanation of how vacuum casting works, accompanied by the top benefits of a vacuum casting.

What is vacuum casting?

Vacuum casting is used for creating an industrial type of prototypes in which a high-quality master model is needed to produce more prototypes. The master model is generated through stereolithography which ensures that is of top quality and with zero flaws.

The nutshell which is made out of silicon rubber is where the mold is placed and exposed to high temperatures. The master mold is completely hollow so that it can be later filled with a liquid material that can take its shape. The vacuum chamber makes sure that in the process there are no air gaps that can cause any imperfections. Polyethylene and polycarbonate are some of the types of polyurethane resin used as a filling material. Metallic powder is often mixed with the filling materials for added strength of the prototype. One mold can be reused multiple times for creating more parts.

The benefits of vacuum casting

The vacuum casting plays a massive role in the prototype development industry, and it is the one thing that no vacuum casting service can’t work with.  Here are some of the most notable benefits:

·        Limited production at affordable rates

Thanks to the ever-growing competition, using a vacuum casting service is quite affordable for even the smallest orders. In the past, using a vacuum casting service and ordering a small batch was not only highly costly, but it meant you needed to pay a much higher rate than if you made a much larger order.

·        Excellent Precision

The vacuum casting technology has so much evolved that even the most complex asymmetrical parts can be produced with the most utmost precision.

·        Top Quality

The process is so fined tuned that you get to have the exact hardness and flexibility of your prototype. The fine-tuning of those features is possible thanks to the polyurethane resins. And on top of everything, the finished product can be painted in any color.

·        Fast Delivery

Long gone are the days when you needed to wait months for your order to come through. Nowadays, most of the companies that are in the business of vacuum casting and rapid prototyping can get on your project in a moment notice. And if the project doesn’t require too many tweaks it can

In Conclusion

Almost any rapid prototyping and vacuum casting service in the world utilize this technology for creating top products, for a relatively short time, and for rates acceptable to most entrepreneurs and innovators. Experts predict a bright future for this technology and its place in the startup’s ecosystem. What’s more certain is that with time it will become even more affordable and efficient. Its growth is often co-related with the growth of the 3D technology. Time will tell how big it will become.

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