What Should Be Top Places to Visit While Travelling to Portugal

Portugal is a gorgeous country that offers a lot of opportunities to explore than just cork products, yummy port and gorgeous sea that it is known for. It is a country that is known for loads of historic cities, mesmerizing National Parks and bacalhau to please everyone.

Wandering around Braga

This is a perfect place to find some of most impressive history and buildings in Portugal. To know more about exciting places to visit in Portugal, you must read Portugal car renting guide

Exploring the town of Amarante

Amarante is located in the north of Portugal. It is a wonderful place to explore the history of this lovely region. Ponte São Gonçalo is one of the popular places whose gorgeous arched bridges, riverside route, independent cafes and restaurants that are simply irresistible.

Grab a pint in Porto

Porto is a highly populated city that lies in the north of the Portugal country. Cobbled streets, copious amounts of port and fresh seafood keep you sozzled the entire evening. Some of the best places not to miss are Torre dos Clérigos, the Ribeira region of the city and the Ode Porto Wine House that creates an amazing three course pairing menu that is simply amazing.

Sortelha, the Medieval village time

If an idea of visiting a village tempts you, then Sortelha should be on top of your top list. This is a small village that is dominated by most imposing residence. Ensure to wander the castle grounds with a pair of comfortable walking shoes. The entire village feels throws you back into the primitive medieval times.

A village built around a rock

It looks like unbelievable, isn’t it. Seriously though, there is a small village named Monsanto that is unique in the way it is built. This village has a small population of around 1,000 residents that provides incredible views across the region.

The beautiful Sintra

This is an underestimated place in the amazing Portugal that many people do not even know about it. It is tough not to fall in love with Sintra. Perched. Sintra Mountains has some of the beautiful castles in the entire Europe. It is located at a distance of thirty minutes from the Lisbon. This makes it easy to visit this place for a day or two. When coming to Sintra, ensure that you don’t miss to visit Pena Palace, Moors Castle, Monserrate Palace, and the Sintra Palace.

Best ways to rent A Car in Portugal

Hiring a car on rent will be the best way to explore Porto and Lisbon. It gives you complete flexibility of where and when you go.

  • To get fantastic deals on auto rentals, book it soon
  • Take time to decide the system that you need: manual or automatic transmission
  • Choose a car rental after performing an online comparison
  • Learn about charges including hidden ones at the time of hiring car
  • Learn about discounts and schemes
  • Learn about the provision of waiver insurance that provides coverage for several different rentals in a given period
  • Learn about sneaky charges


Portugal is full of stunning places that bring people to this place in abundance each and every year. These tips save money and avoid unanticipated charges at the time of collecting rental car in Portugal.

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